Conscious resources

In order to make your transition to a conscious lifestyle easier, here are a ton of resources that are organic, ecofriendly and/or local. Feel free to email me if you have any suggestions of brands that you want to share!


Avril Supermarché Santé: Healthy supermarket offering a variety of organic and natural products.

Bec Cola: Organic sodas. Made in Quebec.

Crudessence: Organic and vegan raw food. Restaurants, counters, recipes and classes.

Gogo Quinoa: Company in Quebec that imports and transform quinoa in a large variety of organic, gluten free, vegan and non GMO products.

Équiterre Organic baskets: Receive organic products from local farms near you.

Et voilà: Camelina Oil. Cultivated in Quebec.

Lacrem: Vegan ice-cream made in Quebec.

Les Fermes Lufa:  Roof farming in Montreal and Laval offering weekly customizable baskets of  organic and local products.

Miel MTL: Organic raw honey. Made in Quebec.

Oatbox: Breakfast subscription delivered at your door included mostly local products.

Prana Bio: PRANA offer a wholesome range of awesomeness including nuts, seeds, dried fruits, trail mixes, snacks and superfoods. All our products are certified organic, kosher, vegan, gluten-free, gmo-free, preservative-free, sulfite-free and, above all, free of compromise. You can also download their super cute plant-based protein chart to showcase in your kitchen here.

Rachelle Béry: Healhty grocery offering a variety of organic and natural products.


Anakiel: 100% natural body products. Made in Quebec.

Apothicaire Moderne: Eco-friendly and natural handmade products. Made in Quebec.

Bkind: Natural and vegan handmade products. Made in Quebec.

Cocooning Love: Face and body 100% natural products. Made in Quebec.

Druide: Organic, biodegradable and vegan products. Made in Quebec.

Ecoderma: Natural and vegan handmade body products. Made in Quebec.

Idoine: Natural bio cosmetics. Made in Quebec.

Les pétards: Eco-friendly and natural handmade products entirely made in Quebec,

Pépin: Natural handmade products. Made in Quebec.

Skog:Natural and organic handmade products. Made in Quebec.


Aube Créations: Upcycled furniture. Ready-to-buy, customized order or workshop modification.

Bigarade: Handmade bedding and accessories company who tries to reuse all their leftover materials. Made in Quebec.

Blanc Soja: Soy wax candles. Made in Quebec.

Dans le sac: Bread and bulk bags made with natural cotton. Made in Quebec.

Éco et Éco: Body care, house cleaning products and bedding made with certified organic textiles. Made in Canada.

Fabric Deco: Handmade and independant designer store. Many products are made in Quebec.

GW Atelier: Handmade cases and accessories. Made in Quebec.

Hamac Urbain:Handmade hammocks using climbing ropes. Made in Quebec.

La fabrik éco: Ziploc reusable bags. Made in Quebec.

Laurie Anne Atelier Fleur: Seasonal flower bouquets from responsible agriculture.


Annie Lespérance: Minimalist sterling silver jewelry. Made in Quebec.

Eve Gravel: Montreal clothing designer. Made in Canada.

Gibou: Company that offers hand-knitted products made by local retirees. Made in Quebec.

i love tyler madison: Boutique that specializes in pants. Made in Canada.

Josiane Perron: Montreal clothing designer. Made in Canada.

June Swimwear: Swimsuits designed and made in Quebec.

Le Château: Canadian store chain that offers a collection of Made in Canada clothes.

Le Cubicule: Jewelry and wedding rings. Made in Quebec.

LEDAH: Ready-to-wear designer. Made in Canada.

Lutricot: Luxury scarves and blankets made with 100% organic wool. Made in Quebec.

Meemoza: Eco-friendly clothing. Made in Quebec.

Pascale Viau: Montreal designer using new recovred textiles from the clothing industry. Made in Quebec.

Second Clothing Co: The famous brand behind Yoga jeans. Made in Canada.

Sokoloff Lingerie: Designs and manufactures fine lingerie. Made in Quebec