About Le Petit Guide

It all started with documentaries. Very disturbing documentaries on Netflix. At that moment, my mind started to figure out what was happening in the world. It was so intense that it was difficult for me to go about my daily life. After a few weeks, I decided that I needed to do something.

Documentaries about the worrying situation in the world contain a lot of information, but there is still a lack of solutions and hope. Of course, we must learn about the current issues, but to avoid falling into a deep anxiety state, we must have a positive outlook on the world. That’s when I decided to write about that. Le Petit Guide is a way to show that there is hope, that there are solutions and people who really want to have a positive impact.

Having studied communication-marketing and having a big interest in digital medias, I decided that the best way for me to share my findings was with a blog. I already had several projects online in the past, it’s something that I know, and most importantly, that fascinates me.

I have been working in the field of digital communications for a few years now, which helps me greatly for Le Petit Guide!

Do not hesitate to contact me at lepetitguide@outlook.com to share your comments, ask me questions or to collaborate with Le Petit Guide.

Have a good read,

Marie-Eve Montminy