15 ecofriendly fashion brands

Despite the fact that the fashion industry often discouraged those who are concerned about the environment and human conditions, it is possible to make better choices. Buy less, but especially better! Just go through a few simple steps, as mentioned in the last article, before deciding to buy new pieces. However, not all purchases are equivalent. A “fast fashion” sweater bought at $15 does not have the same impact as an item from a local designer that will be worn for years. This is the reason why I decided to make you a top 15 of conscious companies:

Clothing rental:

© Béatrice Munn / Station Service
© Sarah-Emily St-Gelais / Meemoza

Local Jewelry Brands:

© Émilie Hébert / WellDunn

Brands that give back: 

© 31 Bits

There are more and more ecofriendly options available for clothing and accessories, we can now shop with peace of mind! What are your favorite brands?

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